Pay It Forward

So, the other day i was at TJ Maxx. Don’t judge, they totally have some amazing deals. I actually came away with two sweaters and probably one of THE coolest shirts I will ever own. But, I digress. i was at TJ Maxx, checking out standing in line and the most wonderful thing happened. There was this little old lady in a strange black outfit with a walker and an old timey hat with earrings all over it. She walked extremely slow like she was in a lot of pain and the man beside her was guiding her. And as she walked by me she said, “Beautiful girl with a beautiful smile.” And the few little words a stranger had told me completely changed my day. So I was thinking, a few words have SO much power, and I decided I should pay the favor forward. So I’m waiting for the perfect timing, but I will make a stranger’s day wonderful. A few words can change the world, and we should always pass on beautiful words. 



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