Don’t Read This if You Haven’t Read the Harry Potter Series

I think Lupin and Tonks have the best love story in the entire Harry Potter series. 

I came to this conclusion last night, as I was re-listening to “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” last night before I fell asleep. I got past the part where Dumbledore dies without crying (“Those who we love never truly leave us forever,” after all). I got past Bill’s mangled face and Fleur’s declaration of love everlasting. 

I then burst into tears when Tonks confessed her feelings for Lupin. 

Lupin is a seriously tragic character. All of his friends are dead and he’s homeless most of the time. On top of all that, he turns into a wolf once a month. But Tonks loves him anyway. That’s the wonderful part. 

Even in the Deathly Hallows, when Tonks gets pregnant and Lupin tries to ditch her to go questing with Harry, she still takes him back with open arms. Lupin and Tonks die together as heroes fighting for what they believe in, exactly as they would have wanted it. 

So, if you consider yourself unloveable, take note. You probably are not a werewolf, you can’t change your appearance at will, and hopefully you are not homeless. Somewhere out there who shares your same weirdness, who’s soul was stamped with the same stuff as your soul. Find that person and don’t tell yourself they’re too young or pretty or smart for you. Be like Tonks and Lupin and love them until the end.



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