The ‘Wonderful Things I am Going to do Once Christmas Break Starts’ List

  • Read popular children’s books, starting with The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins
  • Write a musical about my biology class. It is going to be called “Biology: The Musical”
  • Listen to Love and Sequins by Gala Darling
  • Have a facial party
  • See the “real” seniors that graduated last year and are coming home for Christmas (and to see me)
  • Babysit my three-year-old cousins
  • Build an indoor garden with P:

  • Find Christmas gifts for my friends and family
  • Have tons of fabulous photoshoots with P
  • Make resolutions and plans for next semester and summer



Why Can’t Women Be Sexy and Funny at the Same Time?

There are some professions where women are still vastly outnumbered by the male population. One of those is engineering. I know, because my dearest mother always encouraged me to go into engineering because of the “Good male-to-female” ratio. She and my dad both have degrees in civil engineering. I told her she was missing the point of college, but she made an excellent statement about how women have failed to catch up in some areas of the workplace.

Another on of those male-dominated professions is comedy. Why can’t women be funny? It’s a typically male characteristic, right? WHY IS THAT? If you have biological, psychological or evolutionary explanations for this phenomena, please feel free to share. But I have always wondered why a women looks for a guy that makes her laugh and a guy looks for a girl that will laugh at his jokes. 

I would like to take a moment to celebrate the women pioneers of comedy. You go girls!


Autumn is My Favorite Season

This is my beloved puppy dog, Mocha

Isn’t this chicken gorgeous? I have five. Their lack of intelligence is kind of endearing. They also lay delicious eggs.

This is my crazysuperawesomespectacular best friend P (but you already knew that). She’s working hard on her college applications right now.

Happy autumn! I hope your Thanksgiving brought as much joy and gratitude as mine!



Our lives are not stories in and of themselves, but folded and interwoven with the lives of others. Our stories start long before we are born and do not finish when we take our last breath. 

Nothing puts time in perspective like very old relatives. They know your face and they have loved others with your face. They know the confines of your life better than you do. Not only have they watched your story play out like a very long film, they know the details of your parent’s and grandparent’s lives. They look at you and beam with the knowledge the years bring, those of joys, fears, and hidden family secrets. They know that their story and your story is just a blip in the giant story, the one that no one and everyone knows, the story of all the people that ever lived. The wonderful story with snakes and apples, and pregnant eighteen-year-olds, and jilted women, and the secrets spilled at viewings. Whether our lives are short or long, tragic or fertile, boundlessly interesting or as boring as cabbage, they are an integral part of the ultimate story.  


A Thousand Tiny Pieces

“When the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand tiny pieces and went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies. And now, when every baby is born, it’s first laugh becomes a fairy.”

-J.M. Barrie

Snail Gardens

I have spent the last two weeks in a desperate search for dandelion puffs for this science experiment I have to do. The search led me to consider dandelions and how cheery and yellow, quaint and wish-full they are. No one really likes dandelions for the same reason no one really likes the little neighbor kid who always seems to be at your house- because they have no particular use and because they potentially scare away the more elegant and refined guests. Like the little neighbor kid, however, these plants have their own unique charms, like the wish-granting puffs I wanted to use for my science experiment.

Snails fall into the same category as dandelions. You should know that I am a big fan of the species Helix aspersa. I enjoy the feeling of their shimmering, smooth muscles gliding across your hands. I am fascinated by their almost extra-terrestrial eyes that can retract at the first sign of danger. I am drawn to their flawless shells, which always follow the Divine Proportion, which makes me believe in God a little bit more.

I have many stories about the ways snails have been persecuted. My mom used to put out a bowl of beer, in which snail would flock to and drown in the hundreds. My brothers used to burn them or sprinkle their poor, mucus-covered bodies with salt. When I spent a year at a boarding school in England, one of the girls I lived with had two pet Giant African Land Snails, which she would let me photograph, draw, or hold whenever I wanted. Our entire boarding house were very attached to these darlings, but unfortunately our house mistress found them and made my friend take them home.

(This is my friend Snoz with her Giant African Land Snails)

That is why, when I have a property of my own, I am going to have a dandelion and snail garden, in appreciation of the less dainty but still beautiful creatures that we share our planet with.