In Memory of Anabel

Dear Anabel, 

I still can’t believe you have left us forever. It is hard to imagine someone who was so full of life being dead. 

Anabel, though you only had nineteen years worth of days on this Earth, you filled those days with more important moments than many who live to be eighty. When you first touched my life, I was a shy fourteen-year-old. You took me under your wing and introduced me to everyone in your youth group and church. You made me laugh until I was actually crying. In the hours after I learned of your death I kept running your Mushu impressions through my head. 

Anabel, for the next few years, whenever I wanted to make friends, I tried to channel you. You’ll never know what a difference you made in my life. You believed in yourself and everyone else with a power that I can only imagine. 

How were you always so happy? I had several bad days over the course of our friendship; I never saw you with anything but a smile on your face. And, even on the bad days, you always brought a smile to mine. 

Anabel, because of your life, because I had you as a role model, I am a better person. I know you have touched many lives like mine. 

I can’t imagine why God has chosen to take you from us, except that He got tired of all the old people and needed you to liven it up. I can’t be sad imagining you and God up there, having a big party. 

We miss you down here though. 




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