Why Can’t Women Be Sexy and Funny at the Same Time?

There are some professions where women are still vastly outnumbered by the male population. One of those is engineering. I know, because my dearest mother always encouraged me to go into engineering because of the “Good male-to-female” ratio. She and my dad both have degrees in civil engineering. I told her she was missing the point of college, but she made an excellent statement about how women have failed to catch up in some areas of the workplace.

Another on of those male-dominated professions is comedy. Why can’t women be funny? It’s a typically male characteristic, right? WHY IS THAT? If you have biological, psychological or evolutionary explanations for this phenomena, please feel free to share. But I have always wondered why a women looks for a guy that makes her laugh and a guy looks for a girl that will laugh at his jokes. 

I would like to take a moment to celebrate the women pioneers of comedy. You go girls! 




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