Ode to my Best Friend: Ten Reasons I Love Priyanka

1. She never fails to make my day better. My mood literally gets ten times lighter whenever I see her. I think this must be due to the enormous smile she always wears or the fact that she is always laughing

2. She drives a tank. Awesomely. 

3. She is willing to always do insane things with me. Like write esteemed neurologists, have library vigils and write a blog. This one. 

4. You know the kids who think they’re really smart? The ones that brag about it? Priyanka always beats them at everything academic. And it’s glorious because she is so refreshingly modest.

5. She’s freaking beautiful. In an interesting way. And not only that, she has an amazing sense of style. I freaking love taking pictures of her:

6. She is an excellent conversationalist. She can seriously talk to anyone an makes friends so easily. It is kind of amazing to see. 
7. See is incredibly competitive and ambitious in a way that is completely different from me, but wields these qualities with grace and compassion
8. She’s so, so brave. Even if she’s afraid of cockroaches.
9. She’s ridiculously athletic and can hit a volleyball so hard, it could kill someone. 
10. Even though she is really good at being entertaining and fun and talkative, she is also an amazing listener. She is the first person I have ever felt completely comfortable talking to, besides my mother. 

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