The Yawning Revolution

Yawning is a wonderful and liberating act.

You may have been made to believe that yawning is rude, because it is often associated with boredom and dozing. However, yawning has a purpose because everything your body does, whether disgusting or rude or otherwise, has a purpose.

Here are a few purposes for yawning:

  • Yawning is a social act. When we see someone yawn, it is almost impossible not to yawn, though it has been proven that people with social handicaps like autism do not yawn when around people who are yawning. Yawning is a form of communication and mirroring that binds us together as human beings.
  • Brains are like computers in that they work better when they are cool. Andrew Gallup of Princeton University and Gary Hack of the University of Maryland argue that yawning helps to regulate the brain’s temperature. It can cool down your overheating brain
  • Yawning is incredibly relaxing. There are whole meditation routines centered around yawning. I have never been very good at breathing exercises because I get distracted from them really easily, but I love yawning and it is SO calming. If I am feeling frustrated or distressed I just yawn for a few minutes and the problem seems smaller

The next time someone tells you yawning is rude, tell them that it releases endorphins, cools down your brain, and creates social bonds! Let’s start a yawning revolution! 



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