Quest #1: The Library Vigil

This week, our quest was to have a library vigil. 

We set out last night on this perilous adventure, armed with sleeping bags, camera, computer, snacks, magazines and books. Once it got dark we drove to our local college library and snuck in behind real students. We brought TWO laptop chargers, but no phone chargers, and then when we arrived we figured out you have to have a university ID to get internet access. So then, being the brave and heroic swashbucklers that we are, we confronted a random college boy asking for help. It was to no avail. So yes. We spent the whole night WITHOUT internet. But no fear! We set up camp and began our adventure.

We took a load of ridiculous photographs:

This is our camp

These are our ghost/apparition pictures

A library is a magical place, a place of knowledge and inspiration. We definitely recommend having a library vigil because something about it seems sacred. Maybe it’s because you have to be quiet and respectful (something we had trouble with) or because a library is just so peaceful. 

Some things we did on our library vigil:

  • Wrote nice notes and put them in the books
  • Read a children’s book
  • Wrote positivity pages in our journals
  • Listened to good music
  • Got some really weird looks
  • Watched Crazy, Stupid, Love
  • Had really deep conversations
  • Made kleenexes out of journal paper (not good for your poor old nose, I DON’T recommend this)
  • Just paced the stacks and looked at all the beautiful books
  • We really, really meant to write our favorite books down to put in this blog. We got distracted, so it’s coming

Some tips if ya’ll ever decide to go on a library vigil: Bring phone chargers, don’t wear house shoes, act like you know what you’re doing, BRING KLEENEXES, and get ready for some of the best fun you’ll ever have(:

So, there you go. Our quests have started beyond awesomely. Stayed tuned for next week’s mission. 

Much Love.



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