Quest #2: Five Kind Things Recap

E’s Five Kind Things:

So I may have cheated a little bit. Most of my kindness receivers figured out who I was. 

1. The illustration above is of myself and several fellow orchestra students filling our orchestra director’s room with balloons in order to spread some seasonal cheer. Our orchestra teacher was very excited.

2. I gave a freaking awesome secret santa present. Actually, I gave about six awesome secret santa presents until my gift receiver was properly, secretly spoiled.

3. I gave P a facial. Next time, I will try to keep green mush from getting all over her hair, shirt, and ears.

4 & 5. I am in a program called the International Baccalaureate Program and our class has adopted the class below us. We drew “IB babies” and having been writing them nice notes, giving small gifts, and otherwise mentoring. For Christmas, I gave one of my babies a metal sign of a red telephone booth because he is homesick for Great Britain, his former home. I gave my other baby a multi-colored metal peace sign. It fit her. I really hoped they liked their gifts. 

What I have learned: I have been very humbled this week. It seems like no matter how much I give away, I just receive more and more in return. I am constantly showered with blessings that I could never start to reciprocate. I have the most beautiful, interesting, and caring friends of any person I know. I love and respect my parents, who never fail to give me the best advice and guidance (and, of course, Christmas presents) possible. I somehow end up with free bagels every single morning for breakfast. Basically, this week has just been about gratitude and an attempt to give back a tiny piece of the joy that is bestowed upon me every day. 

P’s Five Kind Things report will come in the morning


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