How to Make a Home-Made Journal

I have made several of these for Christmas and they’ve turned out wonderfully. They are personal and home-made but still pragmatic. I like giving someone something they can grow with and expand upon.

Here is how you make a home-made journal:

1. Choose your paper. Go to your nearest craft store and buy about 20 sheets of paper you really like. I chose these two:

2. Cut the sheets of paper into the size you want your journals to be. I cut my 12” by 12” paper into fourths. They were quite small, but I want my friends to be able to carry them around. 

3. Cut notebook paper to fit your paper and paste it into your journal so that your friend will be able to write in it. You can do this for every page or just a few.

4. Decorate your heart out. I decorated using stickers, magazine cutouts, ribbons, wrapping paper, quotes and my own sketches. I think it really helps to make it look more professional if you do not draw or write directly on the paper, but draw on another piece of paper and then paste it in the journal. 

5. Cut holes in the top of your journal. You will need a hole puncher for this. I guess you could use something else if you got creative, like a fork. Make SURE you cut holes into the same place for each piece of paper (I had trouble with that)

6. Tie cute ribbons into the holes

And WALA! You have an adorable, thoughtful, and inexpensive Christmas present.

Love, E


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