Our New Year’s Wishes For You

  • That you kissed someone you adore on New Year’s Eve
  • That you didn’t set anything on fire with a sparkler last night (E did)
  • That you don’t feel too terribly hungover today
  • That you are busily making resolutions that spark a fire in your soul and inspire you to live the next year with gusto
  • That you read fabulous and beautiful books this year
  • That you sing and laugh and dance and play
  • That you make your own brand of art this year, and get recognized for it
  • That you believe YOU are beautiful
  • That you have beautiful, intelligent, caring friends who make you happy every time you see them
  • That you change someone’s life
  • That you feel passionate about something this year
  • That you can find a reason to smile every single day
  • That you dress with care, knowing that your appearance reflects your inner beauty
  • That you have marvelous adventures that take you to your own personal limits
  • That you do something courageous
  • That you always know the way back to your home and family
  • That you never have to worry about finances
  • That you party hard
  • That you find inner peace
  • That you follow your dreams to wherever they may take you
  • That you are surrounded by love and joy in 2012




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