Quest #4: Making Flower Crowns

So for our quest this week E and I decided to make flower crowns! It was super fun and we have decided we’re going to wear them on Tuesdays! Since we’re Tuesday people and all. Here’s how you can become a flower crowned fairy!

How To Make a Flower Crown

Things You’ll Need

Hot glue gun

glue sticks for said hot glue gun


headbands of various sizes and materials(stretchy, hard, skinny, wide, they all work)

fake flowers

Here’s some of ours

So first E and I set off for our local hobby lobby. There we chose about 10 different kinds of fake flowers. We ended up paying approximately $18, but that made about 10 headbands. So you can pick just a few that you like and then usethose to make 2 or 3 headbands. We chose lots of different colors: pinks, whites, pearls, leaves, purples, greens, etc. We stayed away from really big flowers because we didn’t want our headbands to protude from our heads. Unless you want it to look like there’s a flower garden in your head. In which case, I recommend going for the big flowers.

So here’s a picture of all of our goods piled together

We watched Love Actually while making our crowns(: and ate hummus and pretzels. It was super fun.

Okay so basically after you have your stuff it’s super easy. Choose a headband, pull the flowers off the stem and glue them into patters you like! Here are some of our examples. (Sorry the pics suck, they are from my iPhone!)

This is Z! Our first model and E’s adorable little cuz.

This last one here is a product of us just taking the whole stem and twisting it into a circular shape. Hot glue the parts that stick out and tame and shape it however you like. This gives it a more earthy feel and this one really is crown-y! This one was my favorite out of all of them.

So wa-la! An easy way to have flower crowns and be a fairy(: They make really cute gifts also! I made one filled with pearls and one of my best friends loved it so I gave it to her!

More pictures of the different crowns in the next post.

Til next time!

Sunshine and Hugs,



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