How To Get Over Anything*

“Anyone.. it could be anyone…”

-Lily Allen

You never should have fallen for him in the first place. Your best friend is moving out of the country. Your dog died. 

3 steps to getting over for whatever you’re looking to get over:

1. Be Sad

Eat ice cream, watch a chick flick, talk about it with your best friend or take a bubble bath. Talk and cry a lot. Crying, especially,  is essential. Tears flush negative chemicals from your body and release endorphins.  Take a period, however long you need, to mourn your loss. 

2. Do Not Talk About it Any More

My mother once said the best way to get over someone is to never say their name again. Once your sad period is over, refrain from complaining about your situation to anyone, even your friends. You had your period of mourning, now it is time to get on with your life. Do not spend any more energy on it. It is over. If someone talks about it, smile and nod, then quickly change the subject. If you can muster up the self-discipline to do this, it will make moving on much easier. 

3. Do Something Else

Volunteer, make art, read, drive. Do whatever you love to do. This is true for life in general, but especially when you’re working on getting over something. Keep yourself focused on an important activity so you’re not tempted to ruminate on your regrets or memories. 

Remember, keep your head up! You are making room for the better things your future is bringing you!

Love, E

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*This advice is for things like breakups or dead fish. If you have harder problems than this, like you are mourning the death of a loved one, please contact a professional. 


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