Lucid Dreaming: Quest #6 in Review

“I’ll see you somewhere in dreamland… Somewhere in dreamland tonight…”

For those of you unfamiliar with strange vintage cartoons, the picture above is taken from a 1936 short film about children during the Great Depression. After picking up firewood and eating flat bread and water, they escape to dreamland where they eat all the goodies they want. It has a nice ending that I won’t give away. It’s actually pretty entertaining, and instructive as to how dreams are windows into what we really want or feel. 

Here’s a link to the adorable cartoon:

Priyanka and I did not exactly master lucid dreaming this week. However, by thinking and talking about our dreams, and keeping dream journals, we learned a lot about ourselves. We used a combination of and our own insight to analyze our dreams. As far as lucid dreaming goes, I think I was aware I was in a dream for about a second two days ago, but then woke up. This seems to be one of those quests that we can keep working on. 

See you in dreamland!



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