10 Reasons That I Love E

Hey ya’ll! E is busy being a studious IB student and slaving away on her second World Lit paper due this week. So I’m writing a post to cheer her up (:

10. She is an amazing painter/artist and is always making, drawing, or doodling beautiful things.

9. She has an amazing personality—she is truly a good person. She never speaks bad about anyone and she is SO kind.

8. She is really creative. She’s always coming up with new ideas and plans and things to do and I love that about her—it means there’s never a dull day in our friendship (:

7. She is freaking GOOD at baseball/softball. Like, she should play in the major leagues.

6. #7 was actually a complete joke, but I had to somehow work in that E managed to get a black eye playing softball for an intramural team…I doubt any of YOUR best friends can manage to be that awesome.

5. She writes this blog with me and goes on random quests and adventures. And on Tuesday lunches she is the perfect combination of hilarious and consolatory.

4. She is very thoughtful, always considering others people’s feelings and opinions and she is very aware of how people feel around her. She has a knack for bettering people’s days.

3. She’s freaking smart. NUFF SAID. (Okay wait, I have to add more. She’s read like every book and ever and is the perfect person to go to for book recommendations.)

2. Together we are unstoppable. We’re warriors, we’re superwomen, we’re PB&J. We’re soulmates and BFFLS! E brings out the best in all of the people around her, especially me(:

1. She is compassionate, brave, and honest. She’s drop dead gorgeous, witty, and extraordinary. And the most amazing best friend anyone could ask for. But I guess the number one reason I love E is because she’s my sister.



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