How to Build a Beautiful Fort: Quest #7 in Review

Hey guys! So last night we built probably one of the best forts mankind will ever see! It was so much fun. Forts are perfect for snuggling up in, having deep conversations, and basically laughing til you die.

Step 1: Gather an extensive collection of goodies and movies to watch. Our movies were “Clueless” and “Dirty Dancing” (I don’t care if Patrick Swayze’s dead, he can still completely ruin all of our future relationships by building ridiculous expectations)*.

Here’s our food (notice the cookie dough is already ripped open):

I think it’s necessary that we state all the things we bought. Alright here we go: 5 cartons of Ben&Jerry’s, 1 carton of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, Double Stuf Oreos, 2 packages of cookie dough, packages of York pieces, Sour Patch Kids, a carton of Whoppers, a box of Smart Pop Pocorn and a box of reduced fat Cheez-its (yea, we know we’re super healthy), a huge bag of m&ms, a box of fruit rolls-ups (they’re fruity and thus healthy…right?), a package of mini Reese’s, Hot Cheetos, Lemon Drops, and Little Debbie’s Chocolate cupcakes. Oh, and this was before we ordered pizza…..

Just so you guys know…we didn’t even make a dent in all of this food. And trust me, we tried super hard.

Step 2: Gather the sheets and hang them from things. We hung one giant sheet from the fan and draped the rest on top of that. 

Step 3: Add loads of pillows and soft blankets. 

Step 4: Distribute lights. We used two strands of battery-powered flower lights purchased from the Guggenheim in Bilbao, but Christmas lights would also work if you have access to a plug.


Our fort didn’t collapse on us in the morning, but a few key pieces did end up falling every which way. It was still basically the most epic thing ever.

Loads of Love


*Note: If you watch Dirty Dancing you will probably spend the rest of the night talking about Patrick Swayze’s unbelievable sexiness and wistfully wishing you could dance.


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