Quest #8: The Most Beautiful Tutus of All Time

This week, we made tutus! If anything makes you feel like a fairyprincessballerina, it is a tutu. We sewed a little bit, but it was not hard and we did not use a sewing machine. This is an incredibly doable project and our tutus are beautiful!

Step 1: Buy 4 yards of tulle. We got ours from Walmart and it cost $12. Tulle looks like this:

Step 2: Hem the bottom of the tulle. Or just cut off the rough parts. Hemming was kind of time-consuming but it definitely made the final product look more polished.

We learned this week that sewing is not P’s strong point. After giving her pre-tutu some serious verbal abuse, she declared war. P vs Needle, Thread and Tulle. She finished hemming with flying colors but let me finish the rest of her tutu for her. 

Step 3: Sew colorful ribbon through the top of the skirt, letting it scrunch up. 

Step 4: Get creative. Add fake flowers, sequins, or other tutu-type accessories. If you’re feeling really Valentinesy, add hearts. We are starting with the more simple look, so we didn’t add these things, but the ribbons we used added our own personal style to the tutu. The simple, metallic, large thread above is P’s. Mine looked like this:

A photoshoot featuring the final products will be posted shortly! 




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