How To Be Happily Alone On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday. Everyone eats chocolate and kisses a lot. Unfortunately, a lot of Americans (approximately 99.6 million) are unencumbered by a relationship on Valentine’s Day and sometimes feel depressed because they are single while everyone else seems to be smooching away. Personally, I feel being single is a personal lifestyle choice, and a holiday that celebrates relationships doesn’t make me want one in the way that Mother’s Day doesn’t make me want to start popping out kids. However, I have created a list of things I plan to do on Valentine’s Day (or future Valentine’s Days) in order to share the joy of being single on V-Day:

  • Take multiple bubble baths with different scents. Compare the different smells and see which one you like better. 
  • Eat dark chocolate. It is better for you than milk chocolate and the cocoa releases hormones that are similar to the ones that make you fall in love. No commitment required. 
  • Read a Jane Austen novel
  • Watch a chick flick with your fellow single ladies. “Love, Actually” and “The Notebook” are my personal favorites. 
  • Send creepy Valentine’s Day cards anonymously. Some examples: “The curve of your eyebrows turns me on”, “You look like a baby angel when you sleep…I would know”, and “Your feet never fail to smell like heavenly roses on a warm summer’s day”
  • Buy yourself cute underwear or get yourself a new bra
  • Make yourself a tutu (see Quest 8)
  • Monopolize on the commercialization of Valentine’s Day. P and I have been selling Strawberry Crushes to be delivered on Valentine’s Day. We have only been selling for a few days and have sold around 250 crushes. Though we are doing this for a school fundraiser, you could easily take this principle and run with it. Sell cards on the street for people who have forgotten to buy one on the big night. Sell heart necklaces on Etsy or to your friends. The possibilities for making money are endless. 
  • Give yourself or your friends a mani/pedi
  • Make your best friend your Valentine. P and I have been planning extravagant Valentine’s Day gifts for each other. Last year, I arranged chocolate candy arrangements for her to find randomly throughout the day and she gave me an adorable stuffed bear. We are both prepared to be disappointed when we have to rely on guys to give us presents. 

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!



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