Beauty is everywhere.

Curvy is beautiful

But so is skinny

and short

and tall

and long hair

and short hair

and blonde hair

and red hair

and black hair

and medium hair

and no hair

and blue hair

and compassion

and freckles

and dark skin

and light skin

and medium skin

and thin arms

and wide shoulders

and sadness

and joy

and indifference

and tiny feet

and long feet

and big feet

and small hands 

and big hands

and long fingers

and stubby fingers

and narrow fingers

and big teeth

and small teeth

and wide wrists

and tiny ankles

and kankles

and long arms

and hips

and small breasts

and big breasts

and perky preast

and saggy breasts

and no breasts

and high cheekbones

and passion

and long chins

and no chins

and muscles

and abs

and no abs

and strong claves

and big noses

and tiny noses

and round noses

and button noses

and thick eyebrows

and nonexistent eyebrows

and loud voices

and soft voices

and accents

and intelligence

and lack of intelligence

and high voices

and low voices

and kindness

and big toes

and wide thighs

and thighs that touch

and thigh gaps

and sharp ears

and tiny ears

and floppy ears

and wide tummies

and love handles

and wide hips

and tiny tummies

and flat tummies

and big butts

and no butts

and big eyes

and slanted eyes

and green eyes

and blue eyes

and brown eyes

and grey eyes

and scars

and stretch marks

and contacts

and glasses

and afros

and straight hair

and curly hair

and wavy hair

and frizzy hair

and moles

and thin legs

and stubby legs

and long legs

and short legs

and big foreheads

and pretty nails

and bitten nails

and big smiles

and short eyelashes

and long eyelashes.

Perfection is beautiful, but so are flaws.

Everyone is beautiful to someone.


Love, love, love,



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