Things to do in San Antonio

San Antonio is the most quintessentially Texan of all cities in the lone star state. It has the coolness factor of being an hour’s drive from Austin without losing its unique brand of Texan pride. Here are a few things that can help you soak up the city.

1. See the Alamo, of course!

2. Walk the Riverwalk and don’t miss all the recently completed art that is interspersed throughout:

3. If you’re in San Antonio during spring break, the Luminary Festival is on. I didn’t get to go because it was closed this year for rain 😦

4. Also, during spring break, they hold a paella festival every year. It’s a top-chief type festival where various chiefs from all over the nation come to cook paella for judging.

5. The paella festival takes place within the Pearl, which is a renovated brewery. There are some very cute shops, an amazing bakery, and an authentic Mexican food restaurant that strives to re-create Mexican street food.

6. Explore the Blue Star, a collection of artistic shops. A great place to find gifts or just walk around.

We hope you’ve been having a fabulous spring break! Lots of Love!



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