Quest 9: To The Roof Part 1

So last week E and I snuck into the Overton, which happens to be one of the tallest buildings in our dinky little town. After making small talk with an cute old couple and riding the elevator to the top floor we secretly snuck into an area with a padlock and a hatch to the roof. But then we got confused and couldn’t decide whether the hatch actually led to the roof so we casually strolled around the hotel for another 30 minutes looking for another roof access. We basically ended up running up and down the stairs for a while. (I had taken a tabata class that morning so my calves were screaming bloody murder, wondering if my brain had decided to stop working) Once we got back up to the same hatch E jumped the locked gate and ran up the ladder, a brave and rebellious friend, that one. Anyway, her little brother and I managed to talk her out of her momentary lapse of judgement (You’re a badass E) and good thing, because I then went down to the front desk, and being the valiant and fearless person that I am, I asked about roof access and the manager quickly informed me that there was a low center of gravity on the roof and all stragglers who adventured up to the rooftops died horrible and frightful deaths…..


Whatevs, rooftops part 1 was still fun. Stay tuned for rooftops 1.5, we’re adventuring on to bigger, badder, and more daring roofs.

Peace and Light,



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