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Hey guys (: The last few weeks have been really really busy and crazy for me. In a just a few days I’ll probably make a decision about where I’m going to be going for the next few years and I just want to take this time to look back on some of the highlights of the last month.

1-I have been eating copious amounts of Nutella. Even though I’m technically allergic. It’s just so delicious and good. I feel like I don’t need to explain why I’m eating so much Nutella, but if you’re judging me it’s because I’m trying to comfort myself with the fact that graduation is still 60 days away…

2-I went to San Antonio for a weekend and did a lot of shopping! I love shopping. Anyway, these Coach sandals are my favorite purchase! I’ve been wearing them to death.

3-I got into MIT (Massachussetts Institute of Technology)!!! I’m really excited about that, and frankly I’m still sort of in shock. In a few weeks I’ll be going up to Boston to check out the city and the campus and I am so psyched. I’ll write another post about this later, because there is no way I can express all my feelings and hopes and dreams in a measly little paragraph.

4-I saw the Hunger Games!! It was so good! It doesn’t hurt that Peeta and Gale are both incredibly attractive. I will say Peeta being short is kind of a turn-off. But the movie was pretty great overall-it stayed true to the book and it was a fun watch. I’ll just stop talking now so that I don’t ruin anything for those of you who haven’t seen the movie or read the books.

5-Whilst (is that a word?) in San Antonio, my friends and I went to Rainforest Cafe, which was PACKED. We made a reservation so we could eat at 2:00, and we didn’t even get inside of the restaurant until 3:20. And then the food took literally 2 hours to come out. We were starving. But it ended up being a really fun experience. We ran around stealing sugar packets from other tables and then built towers out of said stolen contraband. I’m proud to say that I’m the only one who completed a tower-WHAT. *takes a bow* My parents would be so proud.

6-I saw this funny looking sculpture while in San Antonio and after a while we figured out that it was the Torch of Friendship. UHM, awesome much? I want a torch of friendship in my backyard….

7-I’ve been writing in my journal a lot lately, trying to find inspiration, documenting the boringness of everyday life, and trying to find the meaning of life. I’ll let y’all know when I figure it out (:

8-Here’s me with one of my teammates from volleyball. I miss her and all of my teammates so much! It’s sad when season ends and we all move on to new sports and extracurriculars. It was really nice catching up with her and just having a fun time at our friend T’s 18th birthday party.

9-This is a heart that I’m building in my digital graphics class. I think I’m going to animate it next and make blood flow through it. Yea, I’m a badass.

10-While I was off in Orlando, I had SO MUCH DELICIOUS FOOD. My dad and I went to this amazingggg Japanese restaurant and the sushi and sashimi was to die for. My dad used to live in Japan and he said this was the most authentic Japanese food he’d had in a long time. It was super freaking tasty.

11-My dad and I also went to go see Cirque du Soleil, which was AWESOME. I totally recommend going and seeing it if you ever get the chance. Now I have a strange urge to do awesome tricks on bikes and trampolines….if only I wouldn’t break my face trying.

12-My favorite part of my trip to Orlando (other than hanging out with my dad), was going to Harry Potter World. This is the skyline of Hogwarts. I drank butterbeer, had chocolate frogs, and Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. I went to Flinch’s Emporium, Ollivander’s, Zonkos, and Honeydukes. I also rode the Hungarian Horntail and the Norwegeian Ridgeback (like 50 times because there were NO lines). We went to Hogwarts and watched wand demonstrations and everything. It was mad fun. Of course it’ll never be as great as it was in my imagination, but it was still a nice time.

13-I made a wish on this fountain! I can’t tell you what my wish was though or it may not come true. I’ll let y’all know if the whole wishing on fountain things works (:

14-I found this insult chart somewhere on the internet during the hours that I spend exploring cyberspace and the many possibilities it holds. I know it’s crazy that this is one of the highlights of March, but come on you rank onion-eyed miscreant, don’t tell me it’s not hilarious. My frothy flap-mouthed friends and I have been having so much fun with it (:

15-Last but not least….WonderWoman! I decided that I’m WonderWoman. Because I’m awesome and frankly there is nothing more to it. Haha, just kidding. But WonderWoman has been gracing my iPhone background for the past few weeks, outranking Channing Tatum, Chris Pine, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, and other hotties. (Yea, I know, it’s madness.) But whenever I get down I try to remember that a part of me is WonderWoman and I am strong and sexy, and my life has a purpose. 

I hope all of you all are having fabulous adventures and making great memories.

Love and Kisses,



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