What do you love?

So I was looking through an old of journal of mine and I found a list of things I love. Here they are:

my little brothers, my best friends, ice cream, pens, mangoes, volleyball, really long phone calls, bracelets on my arms, staying up late to talk on the phone, stupid lists, making lists, people who make me laugh, smiling for no reason, shoes, blasting music in the car, walking on the beach (cliche for a reason), staying up late, chicken fights in the swimming pool, rambling conversations, flying, compassionate people, being sleepy, bandaids, ankle socks, aviators, writing letters, prank calls, sunrise, sunset, clothes, the smell of new books, sleep-away camp, quotes, coffee-shops, reading, Peace tea, Tetris, pretty white teeth, six-packs, dandelions, the feeling of accomplishment you get after running a mile or solving a really hard math problem, kissing, postcards, stars, Powderpuff football, traveling to strange lands, guacamole, inside jokes, Rubik’s Cubes, Fridays, pictures that bring back good memories, hearing the words I love you, shopping, driving with the windows rolled down, sock wrestling, winning, fresh sunglasses, sleepovers, going swimming, crushes, my iPhone, neon colors, cropped t-shirts, sunshine, warm nights, rain boots, kickball, train rides, red lipstick, going on quests, getting lost, dancing in my room, Harry Potter, Baby Lips (the chapstick), the pound store, people watching, going to sleep late and waking up early, Orbit gum, trying on gowns, journaling, skipping school, dessert first, children’s books, good manners, dancing in my room, scream-singing, chocolate granola, baking pies, and being different.

Peace and Love,



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