My Mini Bucket List

So in one of my journals I have a list of things that I want to do before I die. The list has more than 200 things on it but today I decided I want to share a few of them with you guys. Here are 20 of my biggest dreams I hope to fulfill before I die.

1. I want to run a marathon.

2. I want to change the world.

3. I want to learn to speak Mandarin. (I think I’m going to buy the Rosetta Stone for this!)

4. I want to see Haley’s Comet in 2062.

5. I want to go fishing.

6. I want to be in a flashmob.

7. I want to go skydiving. (original, I know)

8. I want to smile every single day of my life.

9. I want a hot boy to teach me how to play pool.

10. I want to live in a castle. (Even if it’s only for a week or something)

11. I want to speak at a TED conference.

12. I want to have a 5 course dinner at 5 different places. Like appetizers at one restaurant, soup at another, salad at another, entree at another, and dessert at another. And then maybe a coffeeshop afterwards.

13. I want to go to a nude beach. (Holla!)

14. I want to learn how to ballroom dance.

15. I want to attend fashion shows in Paris, Milan, and NYC.

16. I want to fall deeply, madly, and passionately in love.

17. I want to make a YouTube video that gets 1 million hits.

18. I want to learn how to drive a stick shift/standard car.

19. I want to spend a summer in Europe. (THIS IS HAPPENING THIS SUMMER!)

20. I want to get a tattoo.

There a million things I want to do during my life and this is only the beginning. Hope y’all are dreaming big as well.

Loads of Love,



Fashion Friday

Sooo I asked P if I could do Fashion Friday this week. Mostly because I felt like taking pictures, but P is all the way at her house designing nuclear fission devices or whatever P does when she’s not being distracted by me.

So, I’m pretty new to this, so I’m just going to go from the top down. You should also know ahead of time that I do not like to spend money on clothes.

I got this lacey headband on sale at Claires. I love it and I paid roughly seventy-five cents.

I can’t remember where I got this shirt, but I love it because of the subtle gold bumps on it. Also, it’s a very flattering color. I recommend this color to people who are pale, like I am, because the red and pink hues reflect nicely. 

I got these shorts at T.J. Maxx, one of my favorite places to shop. You sometimes have to search for the gems, but that’s what makes them worth it. These shorts, for example, are white, so they make my legs look tan (in real life, they’re not). They also make my legs look longer and thinner because they are poofed out and high-waisted. Basically, they’re fabulous and I think I got them for less than $20. P helped me pick them out and convinced me to buy them, so she’s mostly to thank for this find.

I don’t know where I got my socks, but I think they are leftovers from my girlhood days and I am very glad I kept them. 

One of our friends, R, regularly takes P and I to the Goodwill pound store, where he is the master of finding beautiful things for less then $3. P has gotten the knack of it too, so usually I try to stay out of the way and watch R and P find treasures amongst the trash. R found these shoes for me and I think they are awesome. 

So, that was my first-ever attempt at fashion blogging. I hope you liked it!


My Favorite Couples of All Time: Part Two

  • Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

  • Daisy and Gatsby

  • Odysseus and Penelope

  • Scarlet O’Hara and Rhett Butler

  • Marin Luther King Jr. and Coretta

  • Justinian and Theodora

  • Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester
  • Henry III and Anne Boleyn
  • Catherine and Heathcliff
  • Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some. There are so many beautiful couples. 

Wishing you a great love story, 


Happiness Manifesto

Hey guys! I’ve really been thinking hard about what makes me happy, in the short term and in the long term. Here are the twelve commandments I came up with. 

1. Be Priyanka.

2. Make the most of your time.

3. Exercise and eat right.

4. Take care of your body and mind.

5. Do good, feel good.

6. Be golden.

7. Get organized.

8. Love myself.

9. Work hard.

10. Time management.

11. Go off the path.

12. Love is everything. 

In order to start my journey towards happiness I created/ stole these 12 big goals that I have. (Please read the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin). Then within each big goal I created mini goals and specific ways to achieve my goals. For example, for #3-exercise and eat right, my mini goals are to: lose 10 pounds over the course of 6 months, be able to run a 5K in 25 minutes, and only eat healthy foods. I then created an even more specific routine that will help me achieve my goals. I will exercise at least 4 times a week: Tabata on Tuesday, Pilates on Wednesday, Zumba on Thursday, running and weight lifting on Saturday. I will try to stop eating sweets and I will only eat when I’m hungry…no more mindless snacking! I already exercise most days, but this is a way for me to really track my progress and stick with my goals. After MUCH deliberation I’ve managed to do this for all 12 commandments. Some things, like #1-Be Priyanka, are very hard to create a routine for or express and for that reason everyone’s happiness projects will be different. Anyway, I wish y’all luck on your journey to happiness.

Peace and Happiness,


Quest 12: Sugarless Eating

So, for this week’s Quest, P and I decided to go on a sugarless diet. We’re viewing it as a kind of nutritional experiment. 

We tried to start Sunday. It turns out sticking to a sugarless diet is much harder than you would expect. EVERYTHING has sugar in it. We were going to quit eating fruit and sweets, but this was too difficult cold turkey. So we are now allowed some fruit.

Monday morning one of our good friends, M, had a brunch with waffles, chocolate, strawberries, and whipped cream. Needless to say, our self discipline did not stretch that far.

So our quest is starting in earnest today. 

Because our quest this week revolves around food, I decided to make you a compilation of my favorite snacks:

  • Dried Tart Cherries. I have to stop eating these for this week.
  • Ghiredelli Chocolate. And this. I consider myself somewhat of a chocolate connoisseur, and these chips are the best.
  • Bean and Cheese Burritos. I like the ones from Rosas. I can’t even begin to describe the cheesy, flour-tortillaed deliciousness. I eat these three times a week and never tire of them.
  • Blueberries, Oatmeal and Milk. It’s like ice cream, but healthier!
  • Carrots. I appreciate that you’re probably thinking “What?”, but I have recently become addicted to giant carrots. They are really flavorful, much more so than the baby carrots. 
  • Melted String Cheese. I like to heat mine for thirty seconds in the microwave before eating.
  • Melted String Cheese, Egg, Spinach, and Tomatoes
  • Green Tea, Blueberry Tea, Ginger Tea, and Irish Breakfast Tea. The perfect beginning, middle, and end to any day.

If you have any suggestions about sugarless snacks to help us through this week, feel free to share!

Happy munchings!


Energizer Bunny, Inspire Me Please?

So, over the last few weeks I’ve become sort of apathetic. I think it’s the monotony of high school, the same people, the same places, and the same activities. It’s like all my motivation has decided to go hide under a rock and it isn’t planning on coming out anytime soon.

I’ve been shirking my homework, avoiding my chores and duties, and I’m neglecting my giant to-do list. My room looks like it’s been attacked by gremlins and I’m leaping around trying to avoid stepping on things, my closet is piled up to my thighs with clothes, and I can’t even FIND half of my schoolwork.

Senioritis  anyone?

Anyway, I’ve decided that I’m not going to sleep tonight until I finish all of my homework for tomorrow, I clean my room, and I study for AP chemistry. It’s time to re-energize and make the best of the rest of senior year. I can do this! And so can all of y’all. Just reevaluate what you want to achieve and remember that summer will be here in less than a month!


Love, P

On Dots and Stars

The other day, I was discussing an award given to the highest-achieving senior in our school with one of my dear friends, T. She was discussing the limited nature of such an award-it is impossible to measure how hard any one student has tried. And she was completely correct. No award will recognize one of my friends who came to high school not knowing English, or my other friend who is the incredibly responsible eldest of five siblings, or the fight of a student who lost a loved one or struggled with other unimaginable impairments. By this time P had come by, and we questioned why the award seemed so important to us, since the people we were close to already knew how hard we worked. It soon became obvious that what we wanted was the recognition of strangers. 

We tied this desire to have the approval of strangers and acquaintances to many of the things we worked very hard to do. Getting into a good school was nice not only because of the superior education, but because then everyone knew you were “smart.” Dressing nicely and wearing makeup can make you feel good about yourself, but it can also become unhealthy when it becomes about pleasing other people (mostly because on the inevitable day you do not think you look good, you will feel horrible). 

This reminded me of two books I had read in the past. One was a children’s book called “You Are So Special”, by Max Lucado (cheesy title, I know). In the story, there are characters called Wemmicks that place dots and stars on each other according to how pretty and talented they are. Stars represent positive praise and dots represent negative praise. The protagonist, Punchinello, is sad because he had no stars and loads of dots. Then he meets Lucia, who does not have any dots or stars:

He asks her what her secret is, and she says that she talks to Eli, the carpenter (who represents God in this story), which gives her sufficient self-worth so that the dots and stars do not stick to her.

The other book I was reminded of was “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens” by Sean Covey, which I probably read when I was about thirteen or fourteen. In the chapter about priorities, Covey writes that instead of basing your life around things like friends, material possessions, or a romantic interest, your main pursuit in life should be for the principles you want to define you, like courage, friendship, or optimism. This is a powerful idea, and can become powerful enough to make you not want approval from strangers. It can make the dots and stars fall off. Trust me; you don’t realize what burdens they are until they are gone. 

Strength and courage, 


My Favorite Couples of All Time: Part One

  • Ron and Hermoine

  • Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy

  • John Lennon and Yoko Ono

  • JFK and Jackie

  • June and Johnny Cash
  • Bonnie and Clyde

  • Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald

  • Sandy and Danny
  • Noah and Allie

  • Marc Antony and Cleopatra

To Be Continued


Fashion Friday

Let’s just say I posted this yesterday. Don’t tell P we changed her Fashion Friday to Fashion Saturday. 

P couldn’t post this herself because she’s off frolicking around in Boston checking out MIT. I’m sure she’s being extra stylish there, because every day is Fashion Friday if you’re P. Hopefully she will take some cool pictures so we can incorporate them into future Fashion Fridays. So, usually, P puts where she got these clothes and fun facts about them, but I don’t know anything about this outfit. Maybe the mystery will add to the allure.

Love and sunshine,