Quest 10: Waking Up to Watch the Sunset

Last night, P and I slept on the trampoline at my grandparents house. We stayed up most of the night in lively conversation, solving the world’s problems and discussing our own internal struggles. I tried to take some pictures of the stars and the silvery leaves of the trees above us in the night, but it was too dark. The way everything seems as black-and-white as an old movie when your eyes get used to the darkest part of night seems almost alien; it’s like living in a whole different world, with a different color palette. We set our alarm for 7:00 AM and dutifully peeked out of our sleeping bags with the sunrise. We had visions of attentively watching the sun glow pink and orange in a spectacular display just for our enjoyment, but we failed to factor in that we were watching the show on roughly three hours of sleep and that there were absolutely no clouds in the sky to reflect the sun, leading to a pale yellow sunrise.

This experience is yet another beautiful example of a journey that is worth more than the destination. P and I will probably not remember the anti-climactic sunrise, but we will remember wrestling my grandparent’s terrifying dog (think “The Beast” from the sandlot) into her doghouse, watching the moon sink below the horizon, and discussing our fears and hopes for our quickly approaching futures. This journey has been a common theme throughout our quests; they are all about adding interest and fun to our own personal journeys, and adding experiences we can learn from.

Lots of Love and Sunrises,



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