Using Your Nice Words

There is an epidemic in this country of negative self-talk. P and I are trying to create a culture for ourselves and whomever will join us in which this sort of talk is nonexistent. It seems we are not the only ones:

Huffington Post Media will donate $1 for every positive comment you leave about yourself in their comment section.

I am going to start donating a quarter to my charity jar every time I say something mean about myself (I am not just including my body because my insecurities tend to lie elsewhere). P and I work to become more confident and grateful every day! It seriously takes work though. There’s so many days when it seems easy to slide into a rut of self-pity and self-imposed misery. And it’s contagious!

But, as Ingrid Michaelson so eloquently puts it in her song “Do It Now”: “Don’t waste a minute on the darkness and the pity city.” Keep working to make yourself happy! It may seem exhausting sometimes, but it’s worth it!




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