Springing into Spring

I think springtime is finally here! (Well, it’s kinda been here since like March, but what better time to decide what to do for the rest of spring?)

Time for floral dresses, sandals, driving with the windows rolled down, and copious amounts of frozen yogurt. (Oh wait, that’s for every single season ever.)

Here are 15 things I’ll do this spring (:

1. Take bike rides around my neighborhood.

2. Paint my nails in beautiful spring/pastel colors.

3. Have a picnic. In the park. On a blanket. With fancy cheeses and sparkling drinks and such.

4. Read books outside in my treehouse.

5. Fly a kite.

6. Feed the ducks.

7. Do some spring cleaning, aka vacuum my car and completely reorganize my closet.

8. Start meditating.

9. Sing. A lot. Singing loudly, off-key, out of tune, and scream-singing are actually preferred.

10. Start a gratitude journal.

11. Glitterize things.

12. Soak up as much sunshine as possible.

13. Go to prom!

14. Bake apple pies inside of apples. (check this out http://testadoprovadoeaprovado.blogspot.com/2011/09/apple-pie-in-apple.html)

15. Buy some fringe-y sandals.

Love, P


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