Quest #11: The Happiness Project

Hey guys! So for this week’s quest, we E and I are starting our own happiness projects.

I was at Barnes & Noble last week and I was just browsing through the shelves, waiting for something to catch my eye. Then I saw this!

I read it three days and I really enjoyed it a lot. Gretchen brings up a lot of good points and has a ton of good tips and ideas to finding happiness in everyday life. Unlike her though, I do not have a total year to devote to only finding happiness. So this week I am going to come up with my own happiness commandments and resolutions as well as some new things I will try every month. This will probably be an ongoing sort of quest, but the goal for this week is to just decide on what we believe in, what makes us happy, and how to find our way towards happiness.

Much love and happiness,



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