Sleeping Upside Down

I’m not a bat, I promise.


Recently, while I was violently throwing my curtains open in order to enjoy the sunlight I accidentally broke my curtains. I literally broke the metal bar out of the wall. I was definitely a little bit overexcited to wake up. (Or perhaps I am secretly the Hulk?) Anyway, I went downstairs to tell my mom that my curtains were broken and when she asked me what happened I was just like, “Oh. Well, it was so weird, my blinds just came crashing down….” o.O She then sent my dad up to try and drill the bar back in but we couldn’t fix it. So my parents said they would call a mechanic and that was that. But for the next few days my mom told me I should sleep the other direction in my bed (in order to avoid death by random falling curtain). So I did. And man. It was weird. At first, it’s completely disorienting. If you sleep the same direction in your bed every single night, it becomes a habit, and breaking habits hard. The first night I tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep at all. It was just too weird and everything seemed off. In the dark, all the shapes seemed different and if I rolled the wrong way then I fell off my bed! But the second night it was so much better. Sleeping upside down felt refreshing. When my alarm rang in the morning I couldn’t reach it, meaning I couldn’t just slam on the snooze button. I ended up waking up earlier, feeling less rushed and I generally got a lot more done that morning. The next few days of sleeping upside down were really rejuvenating. The light hitting my face in the morning was just perfect, the different placement of pillows, the whole placement of my body. It sounds so weird! But it was really refreshing. If nothing, I got a new persepctive on life for a couple of days. Anyway, now my curtains are fixed and I’m back to sleeping normally. But I think I may just have a few days where I sleep upside down…(:

Soft pillows and sweet dreams,



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