Why I Don’t Believe in Happy Endings

(found on my favorite Disney blog, http://thedisneyprincess.tumblr.com)

I am a romantic of the most disgusting variety. I love Disney, fairy tales, and chick flicks (except for “She’s Just Not That Into You”- I think that’s a horrible movie, but that’s for another post). I love stories that end “Happily Ever After.” 

On the other hand, I know these stories are the most unlikely of fictions. No story has a real beginning, middle, and end. For example, to tell a life story, you may think that you should start at birth. But does a life really start at birth? Or does it start at the love story that led to conception? Or does it start before that, with the mother that went hungry to feed her daughter that gave birth to the protagonist? And on and on. 

“Happily Ever After” infers that the heroes are left in permanent bliss for the rest of eternity. Permanent, unchanging happiness. But does anyone really want that? Without challenges, we would all become stagnant. We would cease to learn and grow, one of the staples of being a member of the human race. I would loath to sentence my favorite characters to this fate. Also, life would eventually get boring without challenges. Conflict is the main element of plot, which makes a story interesting. 

I do not believe in happy endings because I believe that the love any two characters share keeps growing and changing throughout their lifetimes. I do not believe in happy endings because I believe there will always be evil to fight and villains to vanquish. Most of all, I do not believe in happy endings because I don’t really believe in beginnings or endings. Every story happens in medias res. Which, if you think about it, is happier than a happy ending anyway.

Happy middles everyone, 



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