Energizer Bunny, Inspire Me Please?

So, over the last few weeks I’ve become sort of apathetic. I think it’s the monotony of high school, the same people, the same places, and the same activities. It’s like all my motivation has decided to go hide under a rock and it isn’t planning on coming out anytime soon.

I’ve been shirking my homework, avoiding my chores and duties, and I’m neglecting my giant to-do list. My room looks like it’s been attacked by gremlins and I’m leaping around trying to avoid stepping on things, my closet is piled up to my thighs with clothes, and I can’t even FIND half of my schoolwork.

Senioritis  anyone?

Anyway, I’ve decided that I’m not going to sleep tonight until I finish all of my homework for tomorrow, I clean my room, and I study for AP chemistry. It’s time to re-energize and make the best of the rest of senior year. I can do this! And so can all of y’all. Just reevaluate what you want to achieve and remember that summer will be here in less than a month!


Love, P


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