My Mini Bucket List

So in one of my journals I have a list of things that I want to do before I die. The list has more than 200 things on it but today I decided I want to share a few of them with you guys. Here are 20 of my biggest dreams I hope to fulfill before I die.

1. I want to run a marathon.

2. I want to change the world.

3. I want to learn to speak Mandarin. (I think I’m going to buy the Rosetta Stone for this!)

4. I want to see Haley’s Comet in 2062.

5. I want to go fishing.

6. I want to be in a flashmob.

7. I want to go skydiving. (original, I know)

8. I want to smile every single day of my life.

9. I want a hot boy to teach me how to play pool.

10. I want to live in a castle. (Even if it’s only for a week or something)

11. I want to speak at a TED conference.

12. I want to have a 5 course dinner at 5 different places. Like appetizers at one restaurant, soup at another, salad at another, entree at another, and dessert at another. And then maybe a coffeeshop afterwards.

13. I want to go to a nude beach. (Holla!)

14. I want to learn how to ballroom dance.

15. I want to attend fashion shows in Paris, Milan, and NYC.

16. I want to fall deeply, madly, and passionately in love.

17. I want to make a YouTube video that gets 1 million hits.

18. I want to learn how to drive a stick shift/standard car.

19. I want to spend a summer in Europe. (THIS IS HAPPENING THIS SUMMER!)

20. I want to get a tattoo.

There a million things I want to do during my life and this is only the beginning. Hope y’all are dreaming big as well.

Loads of Love,



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