Fashion Friday

Hey guys! (: Thrifting for clothes is a new thing I have started and I absolutely love it! Last week my friend R took me and E to the pound store! This awesome place where every pound of clothing is 85 cents and shoes are only $1.50. It’s pretty magical if I do say so myself.

At the pound store I got:

a grey silk button down

  • perfect for layering
  • a great staple
  • soooooo soft (:

a ralph lauren sweatshirt

  • so warm and comfy
  • stylish in a really laid back way
  • totally old school

a cream cashmere cardigan

  • again, wonderful for layering
  • cashmere…need I say more?
  • it’s in perfect condition!

a tan leather backpack

  • the lining on the inside of this is coming apart
  • but its SO CUTE.
  • I’ve always loved backpacks and I feel like they are finally coming back into style!
  • I love that this one is mini and has long straps

two pairs of Lucky brand jeans

  • I think I lucked out on finding Lucky brand (:
  • I’m planning on cutting these and then shredding, tie-dyeing, and studding them.
  • heres my inspiration:
  • my favorite ones are the plain blue jeans with circle studs and the ones with half of the shorts dyed white….oh the possibilities….

a pair of tiny gingham short shorts

  • I love these because they have a super subtle pattern
  • they’re perfect for summer days

I also bought these moccasins about a week ago and I love em! I’ve been wearing the shit out of them. I think they’ll be a staple in my wardrobe for a long time.

How I love thrifting and find treasures! 

If you guys want a guide to thrifting I’d be happy to make one.

Loads of Love and Luck with Thrifting,



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