A List of Fun Things to Make Lists Of

  • Ways to procrastinate studying for IB and AP tests (like making lists!)
  • Tacky things from the 90’s
  • Creative ways to ask someone to marry you
  • Every illegal thing you have ever done
  • Questions you wished people would ask you
  • The most romantic places in the world to kiss someone (hint-no scuba diving)

  • What you would do with infinite time and money, like Edmond Dantès in “The Count of Monte Cristo”
  • The guest list of a dinner party in which you could invite any person from history or literature
  • What you would destroy if you could change history
  • Cities you want to get to know

(Ravenna, Italy, one of the cities P and I will be visiting this summer)

  • Books you want to read
  • Playlists for ridiculous situations 
  • People you’re grateful for

Okay back to studying for me! Happy list-making!

Love and kisses, 



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