The Senior Book

Before the first time I lived away from home for a significant amount of time (a year), I believed that homesickness was a fairly petty emotion, felt by second graders at summer camp. Little did I know that the feeling described as “homesickness” would be sometimes completely suffocating and generally add a grayish tinge to my life. Of course, it was probably compounded by culture shock and lack of sunlight, but I am doing everything I can to avoid feeling so sad and hopeless when I leave home for college.

I am sharing my feelings of my first couple of weeks away from home as both a warning and advice. It is perfectly normal to feel homesick. From talking to my friends and family, and reading books, I have concluded that nearly everyone feels varying degrees of homesickness at some point or another. You will probably feel homesick if you are leaving home for the first time. You may even feel homesick if you are not leaving home, but all your friends are, which I think is not technically homesickness but feels about the same.

Prepare thyself, friends! First of all, love your friends and family as much as you can, even though you may be drifting apart from everyone as graduation grows closer. Experience all the joys of home- the food, the people, the comforts- keeping in mind that it will all be gone soon. And, finally, document it all! Take pictures and journal! 

This is a journaling project I’m doing to remind me of these beautiful, bittersweet days before I graduate. Not that I plan to have time to be homesick in college, but just in case.

P made the above page!

This is a card my little brother gave me for my 18th birthday. I think it is the best birthday card I have ever gotten.

You can’t really tell what this is because I had to print it out in black and white, but I had to include it because it is the screenshot of the Pottermore Sorting Hat telling me that I belong in Gryffindor. It always makes me really happy.


I have also been saving various letters and notes of advice my friends and family have given me as senior year goes on:

This one is from P! I’ve blurred it for privacy reasons (we can’t go telling the entire internet our secrets, can we?). Also, I’ve included my acceptance letter into the University of Texas! 

Good luck with your own journaling projects!



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