Two separate styling of my shoes. I love the first one! The second one was for when we had to walk around churches and museums. Even though it’s burning hot here it’s scandalous to show your shoulders or legs in … Continue reading

The awesomest shoes ever. Everyone in Europe (and I mean EVERYONE) has a pair of cute but functional tennis shoes. I found this pair in Ravenna, Italy and after much deliberation I bought them. I think they’re a cuter take … Continue reading

What We Learned in Scotland Some old people hate phones, and they complain when young people are on their phones. Scotland has midges.They suck. If you can walk, then walk. Windy, hilly, rough roads do NOT make for fun car … Continue reading

Hey guys! E and I are on the wonderful Isle of Arran! It’s super beautiful here! This morning we took a 45 min walk into town and we’ve been going in and out of shops and enjoying the Queen’s Jubilee … Continue reading

E and I are chilling in Edinburgh!!!! It’s great here! Our hostel is SO awesome! There are tons of cool young people here. We have this awesome music room filled with an actual record player and hundreds of records. There … Continue reading