What We Learned in Scotland

Some old people hate phones, and they complain when young people are on their phones.

Scotland has midges.They suck.

If you can walk, then walk. Windy, hilly, rough roads do NOT make for fun car rides.

If you stay in Edinburgh, stay at the castle rock hostel.

There is an adventure in every situation. LITERALLY, every situation: whether it’s going to the pub, cooking for 12 people for a week, or roaming around castles in the middle of the night. No matter what you’re doing there is an adventure to be found.

The above point was written by P. Be sure to find a travel buddy with as enthusiastic and adventurous an attitude as she does. Better to go by yourself than with someone with a poor or whiny countenance. I

t’s best to play pub quiz with older people who have life experience….they know ALL of the answers.

Try ALL of the food. Even haggis.

Talk to everyone! Everyone has advice to offer or some sort of life experience or story or something. Often these end up being some of the best or funniest conversations you will ever have.

Bring sleeping bag liners to sleep in. They protect against bed bugs or other questionable bedding situations.

Converse rock. You can wear them in all situations and yet go with loads of things. Perfect for traveling.

Be sensitive to others needs. When you’re sharing living space things start to get complicated. So just be aware of what’s going on around you.

Wifi is a lifeline. There’s nothing more to it.

Send loads of postcards. They really capture a place, they’re cheap, and everyone back home loves em.

Try to get a feel for the culture of the place you’re staying. Eat their food, drink their drinks, do what they do for fun. Like they say, WHEN IN ROME!

Bring a real towel. There are no substitutes for a fluffy long soft towel that wraps around your whole body….sigh.

Sunshine is underrated in Texas.

Travel with someone who will understand if you have an off day or like 3 off days in a row….

Don’t worry about problems except to find solutions. Looking back, the issues are always more manageable than they seem. Plus they always make great party stories later.

Make sure you have high-quality reading material at all times.

Don’t try to use the Internet booths at the Gatwick airport.

Do lots of research before you travel. However, accept that life will stray from even the best-thought-out plan. Go with the flow. Seek advice from locals. Don’t get too stuck on one idea. Have an amazing time! Life is a gift, especially if it’s life spent traveling!

Safe Travels,



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