Why “Green Thumb” is an Entirely Inaccurate Term

Dear P, 

In case you were wondering, I believe these are almonds. 

I found a bunch of these nuts in an unfamiliar tree at Barton Springs, a refreshing natural spring we went to two weeks ago. 

The tree had leaves like an pecan’s, but the nuts were too round to be pecans. 

So, this being me, I found a nut firmly encased in a green casing. I tried to peel it off, but all I managed to do was get a brown liquid all over my hands and some strange looks. I gave up my research and decided I would try the internet later.

Usually, when I think I will look something up, I will forget and my question will never be resolved. However, this situation is different, because I only managed to wash most of the brown stuff off. Consequently, a good proportion of my thumbnail is stained brown, making me look like I need to wash my hands all the time. I would send you a picture, but it’s mildly repulsive. 

On further reflection of my dilemma, I realized that every time I dealt with plants, I get my hands dirty. As in, dirt brown. 

Thus I conclude-

Love and flowers, 



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