Making Mondays Sunny

My Quote for the Week

“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” -Dante Alighieri

I’m not sure whether you guys have read The Inferno by Dante. It’s definitely an interesting read, to say the least. The levels of hell Dante creates range from humorous to just plain disturbing and I will say it was very different from anything I’ve read before. I especially like this quote. We all have internal moral compasses. We try to keep them pointing north but sometimes we veer off the path. In some situations you try to just turn a blind eye or ignore whats really going, but avoid neutrality if you know someone is doing something wrong. It takes courage to follow your conscience! Do it people!

Things I’m Grateful for This Week

  • getting my ear pierced! I love it so much. I’m really glad I did it.
  • getting to hang out with my lil’ bros! My littlest brother has been ADAMANT about me hanging out with him. Anytime I try to weasel my way out of it he’s all like “You’re going to college in three weeks. Don’t do this to me.” And then I end up having loads and loads of fun.


(How cute are they? seriously.)

  • my Little Black Book of Brain Games—puzzles aren’t just for kids guys…Oh, wait. I still act like a kid. Seriously though, this book is awesome! It totally works my brain! I pull it out whenever I’m sitting somewhere and waiting, like at the doctors office or the dentist.
  • this SUPER cool philosophy book I just got. (crap, I just realized the last two things I’ve been thankful for are books. I am such a big nerd it’s almost ridiculous.) But it’s SUCH a good book. I’ve just been reading like one chapter or so a day. Whatever strikes my fancy really. Here are some of the chapter names: How to outwit Aristotle, How not to be nasty, brutish, and short, and how to love what not does not exist. It’s pretty mind-blowing.


  • Skype! Modern technology is so freaking awesome y’all. It’s like, hi, you’re in NY and I’m in TX and look at us seeing each others faces and talking like we’re right in front of each other. It’s gonna be so awesome in the future when we have holograms and stuff. Or when we can just like, teleport to go see our friends and families.

What I Want to Do to Make This Week Sunnier

  • eat a lot of vegetables so my hair can get all shiny
  • take my vitamin D pills. Why do I always forget to take my pills?
  • talk to E more! E! I miss you! I feel like we didn’t speak at all this week!
  • work on the blog some more—setting up links and doing more posts (:
  • spend as much waking time possible with my best friend C. She is leaving in literally 9 days and it’s safe to say we are both panicking a little bit.


What are you gonna do to make your week a little bit sunnier?

Kisses and Sunshine,


My Quote[s] for the Week


I’ve been reading “Atonement” by Ian McEwan and it definitely merits some quotes:

“The cost of daydreaming was always this moment of return, the realignment with what had been before and now seemed a little worse.”

“Also stacked would be books by the thousand, for there would be a study, vast and gloomy, richly crammed with the trophies of a lifetime’s travel and thought- rare rain-forest herbs, poisoned arrows, failed electrical inventions, soapstone figurines, shrunken skulls, aboriginal art.”

“Above all, she wanted to look as though she had not given the matter a moment’s thought, and that would take time.”

“Every now and then, quite unintentionally, someone taught you something about yourself.”

I could wrap myself up in and drown in this book.

Things I’m Grateful for This Week

  • The container of Dark Chocolate Mint M&Ms that is currently sitting above my bed


  • I’m grateful I didn’t have to get a rabies shot this week! I did, however, have to witness one Saturday
  • I am grateful for my brilliant, beautiful and interesting new friends!


  • I am grateful for Blues on the Green, an awesome free summer concert series at Zilker Park
  • My family. I love them so much. If I had gotten to pick my family, I would have picked this one.


What I Want to Do to Make This Week Sunnier

  • Not let my friends get bitten by any more crazy dogs
  • Continue to re-listen to Gala Darling’s “Love and Sequins”, which I highly recommend
  • Color in my new “Watercolor Poetry Book”


  • As tempting as they are, try to avoid Disney blogs, except on special occasions (like when I have finished my Chemistry homework- so never)


  • Work on DuoLingo, a website which teaches you a language for free in a very similar way to Rosetta Stone. Spain, here I come!


Take your Vitamin D, P! It makes life so much happier!

Hugs and Kisses,



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