Don’t hang out with people your own age.

Dear E,

My mouth is feeling so much better. I am eating solid foods now! (very, very slowly). I hope that you beasted your exams. I miss you a lot. It’s pretty funny to think that in the last month I’ve hung out with your mom more than I’ve hung out with you. Which brings me to the subject of this post.

Hang out with people not your age. Tonight my parents threw me a small farewell party and in addition to all the adults there, there were tweens and toddlers. As 18 year olds and soon to be college students we often get caught up in our own crowd. We ONLY hang out with people the same age as us. Or a little bit older. But people of other ages have SO MUCH advice to offer. I talked to so many wonderful amazing people tonight (like your momma and the lovely Leen) and my wonderfully sweet neighbor Alicia and everyone had so much advice to offer me. About life, about college, about boys, about school, about money…about everything. Even my two little brothers and their crazy friends had advice to offer me. (Also, pity me, there were 9 screaming little boys running wild around our house.) But my favorite person that  I hung out with tonight was my little friend Carter. He’s four years old. He has the cutest little face, the biggest blue eyes, and an imagination wilder than a herd of untamed wildebeests. Everything is so clear to him, you know? He told me you can’t be mean to people, because it’s just wrong. And he spent the whole night telling me wild stories and holding my hand and riding around on my shoulders. And at one point tonight we were out in the playhouse (that no one uses anymore, because we’re all so old) and we were COMPLETELY lost at sea. All Carter could see through the binoculars was darkness and Abby (who is 7) couldn’t turn the steering wheel and it seemed like all hope was lost. And you know what? Carter wasn’t even scared. He just grabbed my face and he was like, “Don’t worry! I’ll save you. We’ll be okay!” And we were. Oh and he even slid down the slide into the “water” to check to see if there were sharks. He’s the bravest kid I know. And just awesome.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say, is hang out with older people. Cuz they know things we don’t know. And hang out with tiny people, because they happen to know things we don’t know as well. Tonight was such a success. I had such a lovely time being around old family friends and people I love! Wish you could’ve been here.

See you incredibly soon!!

Loads of Love, 



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