Reunited at Last!





















E and I are back together at last! It’s so nice having my best friend back. Even if it’s only for 5 days. E slept over at my house last night and man was it a night! We went out driving in E’s car and on our way to Walmart while blasting music we happened to run into one of our friends in his car. We started freaking out and honking/screaming at him. So then we ended up meeting up with him and some other friends and spent the night walking around trying to find food, burning things, avoiding the random rain, and playing with his cute adorable dog Butter. Than E and I went back to my house and had the MOST INTENSE CRAFTING SESSION EVER. (It lasted like 6 hours) While watching Sherlock Holmes and Gone With the Wind we cut up magazines and made these AMAZING vision boards! They turned out SO SPECTACULAR. Also, can I say that Gone With the Wind is THE LONGEST MOVIE EVER?!? It was 4 hours long. It had a freaking intermission, like what the heck. But it was so good! At this point it was 5 am and E and I couldn’t sleep because of the copious amount of mint and coconut m&ms we had eaten. So then we talked and had the kind of conversation you can only have with your best friend in the dark at 5 am. And then we watched the sunrise and around 7 we decided we weren’t tired so we got all dressed up and went to Cracker Barrel to eat breakfast. Basically the most epic sleepover ever. Anyway at this point, I have been awake for like 48 hours straight and I’m pretty sure that’s dangerous or something, so I think I’ll go to sleep now. Get ready for the epicness of the next five days. E and I will be up to trouble (: Hope you all are having a lovely week.

Love and sunshine and kisses,


P.S. All of the pictures are of me because E is always the one behind the camera….oops.


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