Making Monday Sunny

What an eventful, emotion-full week this has been: “Hello’s!” and “Goodbye’s!” and absolutely everything in between! We’re all packed up and ready to go. P leaves for Boston today and I (E) leave Friday.

E’s Quote for the Week

“Unless one says goodbye to what one loves, and unless one travels to completely new territories, one can expect merely a long wearing away of oneself and eventual extinction.”

Jean Dubuffet

Things I’m Grateful for This Week

  • In a weird way, I’m glad it’s so hard to say good-bye to my friends and family. It’s easy to leave people you don’t care for. I think that’s what whoever coined the term “bittersweet goodbye” meant- bitter because it’s finished, sweet because it was fun. Dr Seuss has a quote about this: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”*
  • I’m thankful my family is all together for this week. Skype is a wonderful tool, but it’s still not the same as all being in the same place. For example, from Skype I could never have noticed that my little brother was riding around the neighborhood on a big red tricycle while wearing a fedora-
  • I’m oh so thankful for P! I can’t imagine having a better best friend! From going to Cracker Barrel at 7:30 AM after a night of no sleep to making vision boards to bonding over Harry Potter, we always get ourselves into crazy and fun situations. I’m going to miss her so much.
  • I’m incredibly grateful for my beautiful camera. This thing (a Nikon J1) is my pride and joy. It’s so small and cute, but takes amazing pictures. I can’t wait to capture Austin with it.
  • I’m grateful for the beautiful garden my mom has been growing. I have never seen so many tomatoes in the same place before.
Her secret?
Chicken poop fertilizer!

What I Want to Do to Make This Week Sunnier

  • Get geared up for Austin! This includes some serious thinking about the best way this could turn out, packing, and rearranging of my schedule.
  • Take lots of pictures
  • Make new friends at UT
  • Work on Spanish, chemistry and calculus

Have a great week!


*Subsequent research indicates that the source of this quote is debated

P’s Quote for the Week

“Where we love is home-home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.”

-Oliver Wendell Holmes

Things I’m Grateful for this Week

  • My amazing family. It was SO sad leaving my family and I hate that I’m so far away from them, but I know I am so freaking lucky to have such an amazing family, in every single way possible. I, I can’t even start to express how much I love them.
Aren’t my little bros handsome? (:
  • My friends and all of the memories we’ve made over the years. We’ve done so many things—awesome, stupid, life-changing, fun, unforgettable things. I’ll never forget all of my wonderful friends back home.
Here are the girls! (:
  • E! Thank the gods on Mount Olympus that I happened to find myself such a spectacular best friend. We are, once again, 1696 miles away from each other, and although it sucks I’m really grateful for this blog and the fact that it will always be the link between us.
  • That I got to Boston safely! I’m here y’all! In my dorm! On campus! Everything went smoothly this morning—no flight delays, no lost baggage…nothing! It’s so weird actually being on campus. My roommates aren’t here yet. But I’m ready to meet them! Also, look at this pic I took from the plane! I didn’t edit it at all!!
  • That I’m going to be spending the next four years in the amazing city of Boston while studying at one of the best universities in the country and meeting some of the smartest, kindest, coolest and most driven students in the U.S. It’s safe to say it’s going to be the ride of a lifetime.
Here’s the dome at MIT!
and Boston at night!

What I’m Going to Do to Make This Week Sunnier

  • meet as many people as possible and have loads of fun at my leadership camp in Cape Cod!
  • decorate my dorm room and make it super homey slash cute
  • make collages of all of the pictures I printed out of friends and family
  • explore Boston
  • hopefully, possibly pass my diagnostic tests during orientation

Hugs and Kisses from my new city XOXO



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