About Politics




I don’t talk about politics with strangers. It makes me uncomfortable because others always seem so positive that they are right, whereas I often feel completely lost and indecisive. P and I have talked about this (it is probably the territory we avoided for the longest time) and we feel very similarly. Talking about politics is a very quick way to lose friends and have people jump on your throat.

I am not against bipartisanship. I believe Democrats and Republicans exist in a yin-and-yang situation that spans history-from Cromwell England’s Tory and Whig parties to Renaissance Italy’s Guelfs and Ghibellines, there has always been a party pushing liberal ideas and an opposite party pushing conservative ideas. Balancing these ideas will never be easy, but in the struggle we will hopefully create the best America we possibly can.

I have avoided debating politics for pretty much my entire life. My strategy has been to listen carefully and gather wisdom so that, when I have to vote in an election, I will be able to exercise some sense and contribute to American democracy. Now that I am eighteen, however, I realized I still feel nowhere near qualified to help (a minuscule and possibly inconsequential amount, but help all the same) choose the next leader of the free world.

So, to help myself uphold the responsibility of being an United States citizen, I have been doing some research. I figured the best way to hear something is from the candidates themselves (or from the candidate’s public relations team, but close enough) and so I have been trying to glean facts from their official websites. I have summarized my findings in the following small diagram (but you should really try to read it for yourself):




I hope you can find the candidate whose values resonate the most with your own and the strength to vote for them, whatever your friends or family may think.

Happy Election Year!



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