Love in the Brain

Dear E,

Disclaimer: I think the reason I’ve been avoiding blogging lately is because I’ve been wanting to sit down and write a super awesome spectacular long post. But every time the inspiration hits me hard I’m either far far away from a computer or I’m swamped with homework. So for now I’m going to write you more often, but I’m going to keep it short and sweet. Even if it isn’t very inspirational.

Anyway, watch the video above!

Isn’t this such an interesting and cool study? I liked all the different ways people thought of love. I don’t know how accurate it was though. I don’t think you can pinpoint love in only one place or in a couple of pathways. It seems strange that you can measure love. I don’t know how I feel about dissecting love. I know I want to be a neuroscientist and everything, but love just seems like one of those things you could never explain, you know? And if you were able to explain it, would that take away from it at all? If we knew which chemicals caused love and which pathways in the brain were activated during “love” then would it still be as magical? Could we create love?? What if we could make people fall in love with each other? I’m wondering how long it will be before scientists claim they know the exact causes of love and how it works. I’m going to go read more about love in the brain. Even though I should probably be studying for school…#pass/no record!

Love you loads




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