Twitter Fiend

Dear E,


I am a twitter fiend. I’ve had twitter for about a year, but I NEVER tweeted. I just had it because I like following funny people. Since I’ve been here though I’ve been tweeting like crazy. I’m pretty sure half of my tweets are about sleep. I think the best thing I’ve tweeted so far is “Nap time….#yolo #allidoissleep” What is it with us and our weird need to document every second of our lives? It’s strange when you think about it but it’s actually pretty fun looking through past tweets. It’s like a really funny, discombobulated, batty journal of sorts. I literally just tweeted you. Telling you to tweet me. Hehehe. I’m still working on the whole hashtag thing…usually my hashtags make absolutely no sense. Anyway, I hope you’re being super sparkly and beasting all of your exams.

Hugs and Kisses,



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