Happy Birthday Love


I don’t know if you remember when we took these pictures–it was that rando orchestra trip we took junior year or something. All I remember is running around that hotel with no inhibitions and multiple people laughing/staring at us. Oh and those phallic balloons and sprinting through the rain. Good times.

Anyway, you should be getting a package from me sometime, with a few little things and a letter I have yet to write you….I’m sorry I’m such a slacker. BUT IT’S COMING. SERIOUSLY. I’m debating whether I should call you tonight at midnight (1 am my time), but I think that might disturb your ridiculously normal sleep habits. I think I’ll just call you anyway and if you don’t pick up then I’ll leave you a voicemail.

I love you so freaking much and I miss you like crazy. I hope this next whole year of you being 19 is filled with wonderful memories and people who care about you more than anything and cute boys and magical adventures and good books. I hope you get to wish on a ton of shooting stars and achieve all of your dreams and become a better person in every single way. (If that’s even possible. You’re so awesome already that it’s kind of a lofty goal.) I hope the first year of college is treating you well. Know that I miss you so incredibly much over here in Cambridge and I’ll be thinking about you all day today. EAT CAKE AND LOADS OF CHOCOLATE! Happy 19th Birthday Ellen! I hope it’s the best (:

Your bestest friend/sister/soulmate/future mother of 12 children of different races/fellow adventurer and lover of life/traveling-mate/confidante/blogging-mate/(insert our relationship here),




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