Flashin’ Fashion: Caged Heart

Photos taken by E

Vest: Buffalo

Jeans: Miss Me

Boots: Buckle

Cuff: Kohls

These boots make me feel like a badass. I ask myself EVERYDAY why I didn’t bring em to Boston. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE knee high boots–because I’m really tall they make me look a lot more proportionate and they make my legs look super long. The only problem with knee-high boots is that when some people imagine them, they think of strippers and prostitutes and things like that. The way I class up my knee high boots: buy them in classic colors like this cream color or a light brown. Wear them while the rest of you is generally covered up. And…yupp, those are two fool-proof ways to class up knee-highs! Anyway, this is one of my favoritest outfits EVER…not that it would actually fly in Cambridge, because I would freeze with such a skimpy top, but it’s nice to reminisce about the warm ole days back in Texas…

Hope you guys are finding a way to keep warm in this cold November weather.

Peace and Love,



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