Dear P,

I am a little delusional from the amount of studying I’ve been doing, so I’m just going to go ahead and share some interesting things I’ve learned lately.

First of all, bangs-



The other day I was sharing my favorite British dialect story- the one where my friend A stood up from the dining table and shouted “Hey, y’all, look at my new BANG!”- and it suddenly occurred to me. Where did the word “Bangs” come from?










According to the all-knowing and all-powerful Internet, specifically randomhouse.com, the most common explanation is that it is derived from the word “bangtail”, which is the word used to describe a horse’s tail when it is trimmed horizontally.




(Like this- thank you http://www.lemen.com)

The word “bangtail” was first used in the early 1860s, and then the word “bangs” referring to hair only a couple of years later in the 1870s.







So our darlings Zooey Deschanel and T. Swift can thank the equine species for their quirky- and very American- hairdo.







Speaking of Zooey-




Did you know she has an awesome older sister named Emily?

She plays Bones. In the TV series Bones.





I really just can’t wait until we’re famous and we can hang out with other famous people.

Like in the tumblr awesomepeoplehangingouttogehter.

I’m just going to go ahead and steal some of their posts right now:




(Obama, Bruce Springsteen, and Jay-Z)




(Frida Kahlo and Trotsky)




(Meryl Streep and Hillary Clinton) (takin’ a selfie)




(Mick Jagger, Catherine Deneuve and Andy Warhol)

Being rich and famous has never been one of those things that I considered necessary for my happiness, but the idea of getting to meet famous people- mostly artists and authors- is absolutely intoxicating to me. I think a writer would have the perfect amount of fame. You’re cool enough to meet other awesome people (famous and not-as-famous), but people aren’t obsessed with looking at you. I would hate being looked at all the time.




(Me, pretty much.)

I don’t even feel bad putting that picture because there are way worse pictures of me out there on google-image. Which the readers of this blog can’t find because my name here is E.

I just google-imaged your name and all the pictures of you are super hot.




I don’t know who this girl is but you look gorgeous.




Who is this guy, P? You and him seem to be getting pretty friendly 😉

This has been the most irrelevant post I’ve ever done, but I can’t help it. I miss our meandering conversations so much.

I’m going to finish studying so this won’t be me tomorrow morning:




Just kidding- it’s going to be me whether I go to sleep now or not.

Best of luck with finals!

I can’t wait until Christmas break! We are going to be reunited and take loads of Flashin’ Fashion pictures and cause a lot of ruckus!



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