A Very Boston Winter

It really feels like winter here in Boston. It’s ACTUALLY cold (I know, it’s crazy.), I get to bundle up in warm clothes and enjoy the Boston skyline while feeling the crisp air while walking across the bridge.


Christmas decorations at the Prudential Center!


The other day it was my friend Arthur’s birthday and we went to Cheesecake factory, enjoyed delicious food and just chatted. It was super fun looking at all the Christmas decorations up around Boston and being able to get off campus. It was SUCH a fun time. From left to right are my friends Alex from Mexico, Allie from Pennsylvania, McCall from Virginia, Donald from Egypt, Gian (from I forget where), Nick from Kentucky, and then me. Thats Arthur (from France) in the front.


The first snow here! I somehow managed to grab these awesome pics on my iphone. Artsy right?


Apple cider. Oh. My. Gosh. You have no idea how much I love winter drinks. Pumpkin spice lattes are literally my FAVORITE drink at Starbucks, with salted caramel mochas coming in at a close second. I also love me some hot chocolate, any peppermint drinks, gingerbread tea (ohmygosh I don’t even like tea, but this is amazing), coffee….I love winter drinks. There’s nothing better than having a nice hot steaming drink in your hand while curling up to hit the books or while walking down Newbury St.


ICE SKATING! I love winter sports. I think I’m going to learn how to snowboard. And ice skating and skiing happen so much here!


Stargazing! The other night we went out to the roof of Baker (which is my dorm) and looked at the stars. The Boston skyline is SO beautiful and we literally all feel so lucky that we get to go to school in a place as amazing as this. Oh and our housemaster is an astronaut so he was like helping us find things thru the telescope. Casual. I also stole a box of cider….# no shame.


Here’s the skyline! This is literally what we see when we look out the windows (:


You know me E, I LOVE wearing winter clothes. Scarves and boots and mittens are some of my FAVE things to wear. Pics on that to come soon!



Our awesome GRTs baked us cookies and we decorated them all holiday-ish. Cute right? Ours are less than picturesque but they were delicious.


Mostly I just love the holiday spirit. My first winter in Boston has been fantasmagorical.

I love you and miss you so much ❤

Can’t wait to come home for Christmas break and hang out with you.

Snowflakes and butterfly kisses,



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