An Encouraging Note for Finals Week

Dear P,

Failure is relative. We are always told that Thomas Edison tried a thousand time before he invented the lightbulb. But his success overshadows his many, many small failures. P, you are the next Thomas Edison. Your ridiculous successes always overshadow what minuscule failures always seem so large to you. You are a D1 athlete at the best school in the world. Everyone you meet loves you, because you’re hilarious and a genuinely joyous person. I love hearing about all the ridiculously cool stuff you do every day. Remember when you spoke to Steven Pinker? Or went to see Macklemore? Oh yeah, and remember this summer when you helped a British woo the love of her life, who she is about to marry? And when you explored the Dodge’s Palace in Venice? How is your life so cool?

P, a couple of tests are nothing to you. You’re on the fast track to success and you’re sprinting your way up it. Also, to put things in perspective, you don’t have grades this semester. So I don’t even know what you’re worried about. Be like Thomas Edison, and focus on you enormous successes rather than the tiny failures.

Loads of love,

See you soon,



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